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Judo in New Zealand

Judo New Zealand Website
for information regarding the grading syllabus JNZ registered members can log into the members area of the JNZ website (tab top left on home page and follow instructions to log on) - there is information under documents

Judogi Suppliers

Judobiz -

Christchurch Martial arts -

Fight Times -

Ensure you get a Judo gi - they are thicker than others and it does matter

Other Judo Clubs
Camkada Judo Club, Cambridge
Canamju Christchurch
Christchurch Judo School
Mairusukai, Canterbury
Wellington Judo Academy
Nippon Judo Schools, Auckland.
University Auckland Club

About Judo
Jigaro Kano & the Kodokan - history
What is Judo, tell me all you know master
Kanō Jigorō, Founder of Judo
International Judo Federation
More Judo Information
Kodokan judo

Common Judo techniques Animated